May Day 12: Bushed

Nobody really knew what day it was today.

Stiffness has come, motivated by mounds of sugar from the ever so tasty peppermint crisp pudding from the night before.

We were literary dragging our walking sticks let alone ourselves through the Acacia woodland on a road littered with otter, serval, giraffe, inyala and buffalo droppings.

We have come a long way from the bramble into the lantana, which I personally feel is much easier to walk through.

We came across a male giraffe that stopped and studied us as the shutter sounds of our cameras went off at him.

The heaps of dung no longer were that of dairy cows but were of buffalo roaming the plains. We were following closely on the tracks of a small herd that scrambled for their lives at the sound of our noisy footsteps.

Our thanks to Piet Le Roux and Hans Grobler for guiding us past the hippo and buffalo herds in safety as we traversed the game reserve adjacent to the Karkloof Spa.

The Karkloof River – it was refreshing to see where it joined the Umgeni, its clear clean water a sight for sore eyes after the muddy Umgeni River.

It was interesting to see the river widening and flattening, about a hundred metres wide at the Ottos Drift crossing, creating deep still pools suitable for Hippos.

So one came across two relevantly new phenomena in our river system, which were: The artificial wetlands below a series of small earth dams created decades ago for  irrigation

and a series of irrigation canals that followed once we had hit the Sugar cane farming area.

This was a great opportunity for a snack break.

After following directions from the sugar cane farm workers and a series of left and right turns to avoid the brambles,

we reached the river mouth where the Umngeni enters Albert falls dam. There we had to wait for John to bring forth the canoe so we could cross.

At last the bread oven arrived and after a long dragging attempt in low spirits, the karma of the bread oven salvaged our souls and we were singing all the way to our camp site Msinsi at Albert falls.  A delicious dinner cooked and brought all the way from Maritzburg by Liz Gouw – delicious – many thanks Liz – the salad was the best!

This is the first night I can safely say we are all bushed and I am literary writing this with one eye open. Hopefully we will all be revived for the open day tomorrow. At this point I’m signing out: 12 days down 16 to go…

Salani Kahle!  Submitted by Penz a.k.a Herbivore Malinga

Read an account of Caroline Physick’s walk on the Chapman River in Geraldton, Australia under Worldwide Walks.  So incredibly different from this journey.


About Nikki Brighton

I live in Howick, between the river and the hills. I enjoy pre-dawn walks in the streets with my dog, sitting on the veranda with crochet and tea, and harvesting vegetables outside the kitchen door.
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2 Responses to May Day 12: Bushed

  1. Vonnie Munk says:

    Absolutely loving and living your walk each day. The descriptive writing is beautiful. You are all so brave and beautiful to be doing this. Warmest hugs Vonnie M.

  2. muthimuthi says:

    I wish I had walked this one with you guys.

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