Raw Sewage on the Beach

Judy Bell reports:   This is what happens when we humans do not take responsibility for our wastes and presume our Municipalities (aka “they”) can cope with it all! The final “away” is the sea, when we throw/flush our wastes “away”!  Our landfills are overflowing, our Sewage Works too, and now gravity is making a “seafill” of our marine ecosystem. With the impacts of Climate Change, this is going to happen more often – when will we start to see the effects on our health?

This was posted yesterday by the Centre for Civil Society at UKZN, Durban:

On Friday, 14 December 2012, Patrick Bond wrote: Raw sewage floating around beaches

With bathers and surfers having been subjected to swimming in sewage-filled waters at the weekend, getting Durban’s Blue Flag status back might still be a far-off dream, despite strong appeals from environmental groups.  A Durban man, Cornel Meyer, who went surfing at North Beach on Friday, said he had been paddling through raw sewage.  He then took a drive along the coast and there was apparently sewage all the way from uShaka Marine World to Suncoast Casino.  Meyer said he had arrived at North Beach at around 10.15am.

“The water was very dirty and brown in some areas, but I thought it was just from the freak storm that we had just had, so I decided to go for a surf.

“As I started paddling out on my surfboard, I spotted sewage floating just behind the shore break, and immediately got out the water.”

He said that he had then chatted to a few other surfers who had been in the water earlier and they said they had spotted the sewage at around 9.55am.

“I then decided to take a drive to see how far it had spread, and was shocked to see that it had spread all the way down to South Beach [near Addington Hospital] and all the way up to Suncoast Casino [in front of Suncoast Pirates Surf and Life Saving Club].”

“I spent about 15 minutes or so on the grass area above Suncoast Pier [by the Blue Waters Hotel] where I could see 20m wide circles of sewage and rubbish [packets, polystyrene and other foreign matter] floating further north past Suncoast Casino and out to sea.”

Meyer said he spent a lot of time on the beach, going down there at least four times a week, but this had been the first time he had experienced something like that.

Neil Macleod, Head of Water and Sanitation at the eThekwini Municipality, said he had spoken to their field teams who said that there had been two sewer overflows: one near Suncoast and the other near uShaka.

Filth washing up on Bluff’s beaches

filth on Bluff beaches

 (More on this problem: http://ccs.ukzn.ac.za)


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  1. David says:

    There’s lots more where that came from…………

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