One River – One Day!

With all the rain we have had lately in the Mngeni Catchment, the river is really full and looking fabulous.  Today, while the sun is shining, we decided to end the year with a SPLASH! and asked all keen River Watchers to take pictures of the Mngeni wherever they were.   These gorgeous images came rolling in for everyone to enjoy:

The weir at Corrie Lynn in Dargle sent in by Howard Long-

weir at Corrie Lynn by Howard Long

Tuber’s Paradise at Knowhere Farm in Dargle “We have never seen the river so swollen” by Nicky MannTubers paradise at Knowhere Farm Dargle by Nicky Mann.crop.

Liz Gow stopped to admire Midmar dam wall in all it’s glory

27.12.12 Midmar Dam Wall

and wondered how anyone was crossing the river today as the usual rock path is covered with water.

27.12.12 The path across the swollen river.res

Liz also took this picture of the river racing through Howick,

27.12.12river  In full spate res.

and the one of the ‘gill net’, which always amuses her, just below the Mngeni bridge. (Actually, Mike Farley’s ingenious litter trap).

27.12.12 That gill fishing line

Mike Weedon sent in these two pictures:   A shot of the Mngeni where it passes between Hopedale Farm and the Singisi Forest about a kilometre downstream from the bridge under the D244 in Dargle.  A little browner today as a result of yesterday’s rain mainly due to runoff from the D244.


and again, from a higher elevation.


Also at Hopedale, Kathy Herrington took this photo with her dog Chia in the foreground.  “The river has definitely been more vigorous and at a higher level – however it is full of sediment and certainly flowing very well after the prolonged rain last evening.”

our dog Chia and river Dec12 crop.

The Furth Stream is the first major tributary to join the Umgeni river after leaving it’s source at Lake Lyndhurst. White waters rush towards the Umgeni although it has another 5 Km to go before it joins up from here.

furth stream white water.

Furth Stream can also be tranquil – these two pics taken by Evert van Bremem.

furth stream res.

Tinks Fowler took this picture of water backed up above the Corrie Lynn weir

Umgeni on Corrie Lynn Farm just above weir

and this one of the water gushing over.

Weir at Corrie Lynn Farm

Guests at Invesanda, Dargle had been having a great time tubing on the river, says Lucinda Bate.

Tubing at Inversanda.crop

Mike Crawford took these photos from the bridge that crosses the river near Chantilly Water on the Petrustroom Road.


and looking upstream towards the Wallows.


The Dargle stream winds it’s way through The Wallows before joining the Mngeni – Mike photographed the confuence.


Nikki Brighton wandered up to one of the many springs in the Dargle hills which turn into fast flowing, unamed streams in a flash

small stream on kilgobbin res.

and gurgle through the Kilgobbin forest on the way to join the mighty Mngeni.

summer cards streams res.

Jenny Gifford took these pictures: “What a great idea! Here is part “our” precious stretch of the Mngeni.”


“Our smallholding, Riverdale in Dargle, is about 3kms downstream from the falls, and is almost completely bordered by the river as it meanders through the

floodplain below the Merensky forest.”


Gill Addison of Antheap says “Imagine living with this view?” She does!

antheap view

Tammy Robartes took this picture as the light faded this evening at Wana Farm, just above Hebron Haven.

Umgeni River Wana Farm 2

“This is my little sanctuary and swimming pool” says Gilly Robartes.

Umgeni River Wana Farm 1

Please send in your pictures, it is never too late to share them!  More coming tomorrow from other parts of the river.

If you have enjoyed the show you still have a day to vote for this as the Best Environmental Blog of the Year, or encourage your friends and family to do so.  Click on the golden splash.  Thank you.



About Nikki Brighton

I live in Howick, between the river and the hills. I enjoy pre-dawn walks in the streets with my dog, sitting on the veranda with crochet and tea, and harvesting vegetables outside the kitchen door.
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3 Responses to One River – One Day!

  1. Penny Rees says:

    Look at all the love for and joy and pride in our beautiful Mama River – thank you all so much. As I sit in Joburg, its awesome to see such wonderful photos.
    Lets spread our love for our river!
    Bless you all, and a huge big thank you
    Penny & the Mayday for Rivers Team

  2. David says:

    Keeping the uMngeni in our mind’s eye is imperitive if it is to have any hope of attention – the more often and the wider a public it can be exposed to, the better. Remember the river Thames in the UK? It was once the same. Only awareness on a big scale will achieve any action.

    • AAAAAAAH! Now, there is the David I know and love – commenting away! Thank you, and a very pertinent observation too. Perhaps we should post a story on the Thames – a river “lost”?

      Thank you too for a lovely morning. I think I know all the nicest Bostonites now. Love Nikki PS Interesting observation – for these two days of River Blogging – Penny Rees and Pandora Long sent out emails and text messages to their “address books” from the River Walk. I sent personal requests to people I know in the Dargle and Howick who are connected to the river. NO ONE from anywhere else besides Dargle and Howick responded. Isn’t that interesting? Just shows that people still want to feel they are being asked personally to assist with something, and are not just the recipients of a general invitation. I am very proud of Dargle and my friends.

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