We Love our River!

Pictures of the river, which is the lifeblood of 5 million people, keep rolling in as the sun continues to shine.

Ross and Pam Haynes headed to the Howick Falls to see them in all their glory

007along with many holiday makers who visit this popular site.


Then admired the beautiful patterns water overflowing from Midmar create,


and around to the other side of the dam on the Petrusstroom road where the river runs into the top of Midmar.


Through the suburbs (a lovely public walking path runs alongside the river here)


Over the falls and into the gorge of  the Umgeni Valley Nature Reserve


Bart Fokkens took this picture: “We playing on da Mngeni for the next few days. Here at Muddymar till Sunday sailing Xmas regatta”


Dieter Setz sent in this picture taken looking upstream at Wakefield Farm, upper Dargle

Dieter looking upstream at Wakefield res.

and another looking downstream.

Dieter downstream at Wakefield res.

“This is a pic from the area it runs through between Wakefield and Furth. End of next year you will actually be able to see the river, as one of my tasks for the coming year is to clear the river of all wattle on our side.” he added.

Dieter wattle on river.res

Rapids on the Mngeni at River Front Farm, Dargle. taken by Vaughan Koopman.

rapids on the river in front of River Front Farm

Eidin Griffin took this photo of the river along the Petrustroom road where Penny did a water study with local school kids. “I love the two types of pathways reflected in this pic.”


She also sent in this one of the weir just above Corrie Lynn School.


Nikki Brighton photographed the Mngeni disappearing over the waterfall in Dargle.

Mngeni disappearing over the waterfall in Dargle.res

Hard to believe the river walk team picnicked in the pool below in May – there was just a trickle coming over then.

mngeni river waterfall in Dargle.resWe are always delighted to receive photographs and stories about your favourite river for the blog. So please do share – email to info@midlandsconservancies.co.za

Just a couple of hours left to vote, if you haven’t already, please do. Thank you.



About Nikki Brighton

I live in Howick, between the river and the hills. I enjoy pre-dawn walks in the streets with my dog, sitting on the veranda with crochet and tea, and harvesting vegetables outside the kitchen door.
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