River Care Clean Up Week

International Coastal and River Care Week

16th to 21st  SEPTEMBER 2013

DUCT extends an invitation to you to participate in our annual River Clean-up Campaign as part of International Coastal and River Care Day during the third week of September.  Once again DUCT would like to include schools and groups to clean up the area they prefer.  It is very difficult to separate and sort rubbish collected in this type of campaign but we encourage some form of recycling, if possible.  Don’t forget to send some photos and a brief report to let us know how many bags you collect!

  • Please Register your commitment to be part of the clean-up with DUCT .
  • Please fax your registration to 086 6722577 before 30th August 2013.
  • Co-ordinator DUCT Education Programme – Pandora Long  072 6928124 Email: education@duct.org.za

All community members are encouraged to form your own groups and tackle degraded areas near you!


Remember how well we did last year?  The 5th DUCT clean up initiative was well worth all the effort  – 532 people from 40 organisations (including schools) collected 899 bags of litter, a considerable increase from 2009. Below is a summary of who did what where:

  • DUCT River Care Team, 25 bags from the Falls to the bridge.
  • Wildlife and Environment Society (WESSA), 25 bags along Karkloof road.
  • Yellowwood café, 6 bags along dirt road to entrance of Yellowwood.
  • Forgotten Falls, 6 bags on embankment.
  • Howick 1st Scouts, 12 bags in Umgeni Valley
  • Volunteers along Symmonds Stream, 21 bags.
  • Remax, Midlands Branch, 10bags in stream opposite Thabo’s
  • School groups in KwaMevana, 55bags
  • Correctional Services, 75 bags behind the magistrates court.
  • Ezemvelo Honoury Officers, 20 bags along the Umgeni River
  • Howick Umngeni River Conservancy, 16 bags along the Umgeni River
  • Volunteers in Merrivale, 8 bags in Wilson Road
  • Zulu- Mpophomeni Tourism Experience (ZMTE), 120 bags in Mpophomeni
  • Lula Isandla (child headed households), 100 bags in Mpophomeni
  • Midlands Meander Association Education Project, 105 bags in Mpophomeni Wetland
  • DUCT River Care Team and Endangered Wildlife Trust, 300 bags in Ebumnandini, Ward 8 Mpophomeni

A good spin off was that following on the press coverage many people phoned in reporting illegal dumping into streams and storm water ways, which are being followed up. More details will be reported in the Village Talk next week.  We just wanted to thank everyone who got involved and to encourage everyone to do their bit to keep their environment clean. In the end the slogan “healthy rivers healthy people” is what it is all about.


About Nikki Brighton

I live in Howick, between the river and the hills. I enjoy pre-dawn walks in the streets with my dog, sitting on the veranda with crochet and tea, and harvesting vegetables outside the kitchen door.
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