Getting Set

As we get organised for our exploration of the Lions River, we need your help too. Please join our group on facebook and share our stories and pictures widely:!/groups/162707723850506/  Not everyone understands the peril our water sources face and all you can do to spread awareness is of great help.

Typical that with just a day or so to go, we should have no electricity – no cellphones and no lap tops either, after a while!  Also the vehicle is back in the garage having last minute things sorted out, so no shopping possible either.  Oh well.r prep river walk 009

Saturday is a frenzy of catch up activity. John is sorting out the awnings on the vehicle, after doing all the food shopping.  John is exceptionally good at making a plan.

r prep river walk 032

Penny is searching for duct tape (essential, obviously) and fussing about what might or might not happen and trying terribly hard to ‘go with the flow’…

r prep river walk 008

Breandon is hungry, so fries up veggie burgers for everyone.  He has packed his fishing rod and plans to while away afternoons on the river banks each day.   GroundTruth are very interested to know what he catches and how many alien fish there are in the river – so it is research actually, not fun.

r prep river walk 005

Preven is bouncing about and being absolutely delighted to be walking again. “I am so happy. Everything has fallen into place perfectly so that I can frolick along a river again.”

r prep river walk 014

There is much pouring over the maps – this sure is one convoluted river.

r prep river walk 027

“Look at all these wetlands we are going to have to walk around,” says Penny, “it will add another 5kms to the day’s journey. Eish.”

r prep river walk 021

There are boxes of food and more boxes of camping gear and mini-sass stuff – will it all fit in?

r prep river walk 011

The data sheets are packed and the anti-fracking posters.

r prep river walk 018

There is time to enjoy a glass of Running Duck red to ward off the chill and celebrate the fact that even if the team keeps shrinking (Penz is sick), there is an adventure out there, work and walking to do, and no stopping us now!

r prep river walk 016

See you on the river!

r prep river walk 007


About Nikki Brighton

I live in Howick, between the river and the hills. I enjoy pre-dawn walks in the streets with my dog, sitting on the veranda with crochet and tea, and harvesting vegetables outside the kitchen door.
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3 Responses to Getting Set

  1. Christie Exall says:

    Envious of this walk I am. I know all will go well. I am in Durban till. Tuesday. Should you need assistance in any way, I am willing to help.

  2. Go well Penny and Preven and hope Penz gets better soon and can join you. Looking forward to meeting up with you at 6.30am on Friday at Pleasant Places. Pam

  3. Peter Thomson says:

    Bon voyage, you guys. Strength to your arm, and to your feet. I am away later this week but look forward to your reports when I get back. Go well ! Peter T

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