Doing the Dargle

Next river lined up for the Mayday for Rivers treatment is the Dargle. It rises on Dargle Farm and meanders through the valley for less than 20 kilometres.

Dargle river  source LowResPenny, Preven and Pandora will explore this river from the source, as it heads towards the confluence with the uMngeni near the Petrusstroom bridge on 9,10,11 January.  The P134 (Dargle/Impendle) road crosses the river on Benn Meadhon about 8kms from the R103.

r dargle river monkey mpop 043Dargle was so named by the first Irish settlers to arrive in the valley.  Apparently, the area reminded them of the Dargle river outside Dublin.   One imagines the water must have been crystal clear and that there was no bramble along the banks back then!

r IMG_0468Once, the Dargle is done, the team head towards Nottingham Road to start walking the Indezi river.  So watch this space as the team head out for a little adventure, gathering important data along the way.


About Nikki Brighton

I live in a Magic Cottage near the mist-belt forest with my African dog, Dizzy. We enjoy long walks in the fields to gather wild greens, sitting on the verandah with a pot of tea, and harvesting vegetables outside the kitchen door.
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