miniSASS – the Movie

No doubt about it, doing a miniSASS test in streams and rivers is a great way to spend a morning! All the Midlands Conservancies have been doing them and there are more workshops planned for later in the year.  The water is a little chilly right now, but with glorious sunshine overhead, getting your feet wet is still a lot of fun.   Need a little inspiration?  Watch this short movie about the workshop Dargle Conservancy hosted recently.

Dargle River Workshop 064


About Nikki Brighton

I live in a Magic Cottage near the mist-belt forest with my African dog, Dizzy. We enjoy long walks in the fields to gather wild greens, sitting on the verandah with a pot of tea, and harvesting vegetables outside the kitchen door.
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2 Responses to miniSASS – the Movie

  1. Ronel Wood says:

    Hi Nikki! My grandson, David Kinsler, is keen on buying a copy of the River Walk you did a while ago – Umgeni River – (remember my Russell Choir sang you in at The Blue Lagoon?) – I would also like to see that Russell High gets a copy of that DVD. How do I go about getting it? Regards, Ronel Wood. 083 4556208

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