It’s an Obstable Course Out There!

After the intense four part report on the state of the Mpofana, Penny Rees recalls some of the light hearted moments of the walk.  She will be writing a  ‘where to now?’ article about the Mpofana soon, but in the meantime, simply enjoy the adventure!

Like all our river walks, the Mpofana entailed a lot more than just walking! We did, of course, stop often to record impacts, and also occasionally for a break, lunch, or to be met by John for water bottle top up or a gift of donuts.








I guess the walk was like a giant obstacle course and was mostly about crossings – we could grade the river crossings in the same way that paddlers, hikers and mountaineers rate rivers, walks and slopes!


x2 x3

The drainage ditches are probably the worst obstacles


dd2 dd6 dd5 dd4 dd3

Of course no river walk would be complete without fences – you have to find a way over, under, through or around them.

f14 f13 f12 f11 f10 f9 f8 f7 f6 f5 f4 f3 f2 f1

In between all the crossings, we climb (up or down)

w1 w4 w3 w2

And crawl

c6 c5 c4 c3 c2 c1

And balance

b3 b2 b1

What was that about walking the Mpofana? Oh yes we did that too!

wa5 wa4 wa3 wa2 wa1

At days end we’d arrive to Yvonne’s warm welcome at tranquil Caversham Hall. After attending to any aches and pains, work would continue as we recorded the days events on the blog, checked test results and debated and discussed our observations, later to be chased away from the table by Yvonne – so that we could sit and relax over a superb dinner.

e5 e4 e3 e2

After a dawn wakeup at 05h30 and a hurried breakfast, it was grab pack, sticks and boots and head off for another days walking.





Penny will be back soon with thoughts and recommendations for the Mpofana River into the future.


About Nikki Brighton

I live in Howick, between the river and the hills. I enjoy pre-dawn walks in the streets with my dog, sitting on the veranda with crochet and tea, and harvesting vegetables outside the kitchen door.
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