Water Users Open Days – Midlands This Week

You have probably received a notification of this event, however it is too important for us not to share. We urge you to attend.

Water Users Meetings

The Department of Water and Sanitation invites you to attend their Stakeholder Engagement Meetings this week where you will be afforded the opportunity to either (i) accept the findings of their investigations (see below) and receive a certificate of verification outlining the extent of the existing lawful use (ELU) or (ii) appeal the determination of the extent of the ELU.

3 – 6 November 2015, 09h00 – 15h00 at Oasis Church, 70 Main Street, Howick

DWS launched its Validation and Verification Project in June 2013, the aim of which is to establish the lawfulness of water use by water users in the Umgeni Catchment Area through a thorough process of Validation and Verification.   The purpose of the National Water Act (Act No. 36 of 1998) hereafter referred to as ‘The Act’ is to ensure that the nation’s water resources are protected, used, developed, conserved, managed and controlled in a manner that promotes equitability, efficiency and sustainability for present and future generations.

weir at Corrie Lynn by Howard Long

Registration of Water Users: The call for Existing Lawful Water Users to register was made in the Government Gazette on 12 November 1999 in terms of Section 26(1) c of the National Water Act (Act No. 36 of 1998) (NWA). Users were made aware upon registration that the lawfulness of the water use is still to be determined during the verification process.

Validation and Verification: The DWS has in the past years created and maintained a database as a management tool to collate and ensure the accuracy of all relevant water use information for all water users.

Validation: The confirmation of the extent of water use (who, where, how much, what for?) that took place during the qualifying period (1997) and current water use (2014/2015).

Verification: A process that determines whether the water use identified in the validation process was lawful – it confirms if any previous laws would have authorised the use or limited the use in the qualifying period (1997).

For more  information contact:

Ashly Lachman LachmanA@dws.gov.za 079 722 4259

Shaun Naidoo NaidooSO@dws.gov.za 031 336 2735

r irrigating fields


About Nikki Brighton

I live in Howick, between the river and the hills. I enjoy pre-dawn walks in the streets with my dog, sitting on the veranda with crochet and tea, and harvesting vegetables outside the kitchen door.
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One Response to Water Users Open Days – Midlands This Week

  1. Susan Viljoen says:

    Thanks Nikki for posting, I had not seen this notification yet. Such important info for landowners to be aware of!

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