What have we got ourselves into?!

We are not expecting our journey to be a walk in the park, but everyone we mention it to seems to tell us something else we need to watch out for! It certainly is going to be an adventure.  This is the ever expanding list of possible hurdles.  We’ll tick them off as we go and let you know if we survived through our daily blog.

  • brambles to hack through
  • nettles that sting
  • crocodiles
  • ‘duzi guts
  • mambas
  • descending the cliffs from the source through the Poort
  • crossing the river on a massive pipeline
  • electric fences
  • lantana to shred our legs
  • ducking under bushes & trees
  • the ‘big snake’ that lurks at the bottomof Howick Falls
  • masses of mozzies
  • mafia style sand miners
  • wild untamed country around Table Mountain
  • teeny weeny pepper ticks
  • raw sewerage

Do you have anything to add?  Come on, make our day!  Share your adventures on the uMngeni and warn us what to watch out for.

We also know that there will be many magic moments which we look forward to telling you about. We expect:

  • moss covered rocks
  • gentle sunrises
  • wide toothy grins
  • irridescent dragonflies
  • aloes
  • enthusiastic teachers
  • tadpoles
  • moonlight sparkling on the water
  • grandma trees
  • silent spetacular night skies
  • cheerful paddlers
  • dancing water
  • frogs croaking
  • fish eagles calling
  • secret pools
  • the Indian Ocean
  • solitude
  • big blue African skies
  • kingfishers

Do you have a good river memory to share? Please do.

It’s so easy – just post a comment in the box below.  Then make sure you click the FOLLOW button so that you get to hear how we overcome the obstacles. Wish us luck!


4 Responses to Eish!

  1. Penny Rees says:

    and the companionship of the people who are going on this journey together!

  2. Pat Hoffmann says:

    fig trees!

  3. Christie Exall says:

    Sorry no river memories, just bad experience with stinginmg nettles …sure cure…suntan lotion or any hand cream.

  4. Pi says:

    Well done Penny and team. How inspiring.
    Wish I had known about this adventure earlier, I might have even joined you (perhaps next time).
    I have lived on the banks of the Umgeni since 1988 (and wonder if I will ever be able to live anywhere else).
    The riverine bush is gorgeous on this magical rainy day of many waterfalls off a cliff across the river, where many raptors raise their young (though they won’t parade today on their highway over the river at dusk).
    Every dawn brings a chorus that changes a bit with the season, not that one can discount the bats and owls at night.
    And yes, I have seen a massive mamba at close quarters, once, but that was more than two decades ago (and fortunately I was indoors, it looked aggressive). One of the neighbours, whom I called to warn, thought I imagined it, until he saw it the following day. As for the others, they were not bothered and could be seen barefoot and curiously poking in their shrubbery soon after they were cautioned to stay indoors and avoid the slithery neighbour …
    We all love the shy mongoose, and I am fond of the paper wasps that build cathedrals in odd spots in the garage, and who have not attacked once in several years, disproving their reputation? In fact they hover consideringly, and then give way so sweetly when they find me in their path… but I don’t romanticise the beasties, though I must stop waxing and read the rest of your remarkable blog.

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