Enjoy this short video about precious water in the Karoo:           www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0mU-mgabzo

or learn some scary facts about bottled water: http://www.storyofstuff.org/category/movies/story-of-bottled-water/

or find out how Reichenau Mission uses water energy: http://www.wildfirecreative.co.za/portfolio/running-on-water/

Read about World Water Day 2012: http://www.thegreentimes.co.za/stories/water/item/1147-water-without-it-we-will-not-eat

Watch this video about how people in the Amazon are fighting to save their water: http://ran.org/tell/clearwater/?t=e&u=47657102&e=124475

The Department of Water Affairs website has lots of interesting information: http://www.dwaf.gov.za/

People in Central Africa really battle to get clean water – watch this video: http://www.fouryearsgo.org/2010/08/10/inspiring-videos/world-water-day-video-from-charity-water/

Endangered Wildlife Trust – Healthy Rivers Programme: https://www.ewt.org.za/WHATWEDO/OurProgrammes/HealthyRiversProgramme.aspx

Project 90×2030 Water Poster – free to download at: http://www.90×2030.org.za/oid/downloads/Project%2090%20Water%20Poster_1.pdf

Beautiful Afristar posters – Recycling Greywater and Permaculture Water Principles and others: www.flickr.com/photos/61262730@N03/sets/72157626403841998/with/5578519161/

The 4th edition of the UN World Water Development Report (WWDR4)UNESCO Paris, France, 2012 Managing Water under Uncertainty and Risk was recently launched at the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille by Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director General, and Michel Jarraud, UN-Water Chair.

The WWDR4 is a comprehensive review of the world’s freshwater resources and seeks to demonstrate, among other messages, that water underpins all aspects of development, and that a coordinated approach to managing and allocating water is critical.

The Report underlines that in order to meet multiple goals water needs to be an intrinsic element in decision-making across the whole development spectrum.  The WWDR4 aims to encourage all stakeholders both in and out of the ‘water box’ – water managers, leaders in government, civil society and businesses – to engage early in decision making processes to improve the quality and acceptance of decisions and the probability of successful implementation. It highlights that more responsible action by all water users has enormous potential to lead to better outcomes – but requires political, social, economic and technical responses at all levels of government, businesses and communities, from local to international.

While providing a comprehensive assessment of the world’s water resources it also introduces a strong thematic element. Building on the WWDR3 in the recognition of the externalities, the WWDR4 elaborates on the interactions between water and the drivers of change. The WWDR4 describes the major changes, uncertainties, and risks taking place in the world and their links to water resources. It gives account of the status and the trends related to water supplies, uses, management, institutions and financing; highlights regional hotspots, and addresses issues such as gender equality, water-related disasters, health and the role of ecosystems.….”

Volume 1: Managing Water under Uncertainty and Risk  PDF file [407 p.] at: http://bit.ly/H3IX6p

Volume 2: Knowledge Base PDF file [406p.] at: http://bit.ly/HoL47Y

Volume 3: Facing the Challenges PDF file [98p.] at: http://bit.ly/HunpzD


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